Resources to Organize Your Online Biz

A comprehensive list of resources to Organize Your Online Biz. These tools will help you document your workflows and procedures, organize your workspace, streamline your business, and be more productive!

Featured Freebies

A promotional graphic for a free blog post Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) template, featuring an overlay of an SOP checklist on a digital tablet, and paper documents with sections titled Audience, Purpose, and Why is the task important. The template is displayed against a backdrop of peonies and a pink notepad, with the website 'ORGANIZEYOURONLINEBIZ.COM' at the bottom

Blog Post SOP

Document your blogging process easily with this free template.

4-day Office Transformation FREE Challenge

4-Day Office Transformation Challenge

Clean and Organize your office in 4 days with this challenge.

A promotional image for 'Time Audit in Google Sheets' by Organize Your Online Biz. It showcases a laptop and a smartphone displaying colorful time audit spreadsheets, with a tagline that includes a tab for each day, offering an organized approach to time management. The setup is complemented by a cup of coffee and houseplants, creating an inviting workspace atmosphere. The website address is prominently displayed, inviting users to find more resources for business organization.

Google Sheets Time Audit

Track how you spend your time to find efficiencies

Mockup for a free digital file naming checklist. Green background with a computer and a picture of the checklist on the screen.

Digital File Naming Checklist

Set up your digital file naming convention with this checklist!

An advertisement for a FREE Pomodoro Timer in Notion

Notion Pomodoro Timer

Use this Pomodoro timer to plan for focused work time

Notion Goal Planner & Task Tracker Template

Record your goals and align your tasks with this free template.

Promotional graphic for easy printable templates for time management, featuring various sheets such as Ivy Lee Technique, Daily Planner with Time Blocking, and Pomodoro Technique. The central image shows a pink alarm clock with the text 'Time Management Technique Templates' and '6 Ready to Use Templates' highlighted in a pink starburst. The website URL is at the bottom

Time Management Techniques Templates

6 ready-to-use templates along with a detailed description of each technique. Try them all to determine the best technique for you!

Featured Products

An informative graphic promoting 'Workflows & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) 101' with a call to action to optimize business processes. It features overlapping images of documents related to SOPs and workflow diagrams, with a text overlay emphasizing the educational content offered at, set against a floral and abstract background

Workflows & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) 101

Use this step-by-step guide to document your business processes while finding efficiencies that will save you time and money.

A promotional image for the Notion Product & Blog Post Tracker, featuring two tablets displaying tracking interfaces for products and blog posts. Bullet points on the right side highlight features such as tracking capabilities, customization of views, and alignment with audience needs. The 'Made for Notion' badge emphasizes the tool's integration with the Notion platform, set against a modernistic background with green and pink hues.

Notion Product & Blog Post Tracker

Track your business products and easily align them with your blog content.

Mockup for a digital file naming convention course by Organize Your Online Biz

Digital File Naming Conventions 101

Learn how to create easy file naming conventions that will make finding your files a breeze!

Password Management 101 promotional graphic featuring a monitor and a tablet displaying the course title. Text includes 'Learn to create strong, yet easy to remember passwords to save you time, money, and protect your important data'. A speech bubble highlights 'Includes 3 Options: Printable password manager, Excel Password Manager, LastPass option'. Various printable sheets related to password management are displayed in the background. Website URL is at the bottom

Password Management 101

Learn to create strong, yet easy to remember passwords to save you time, money, and protect your important data!

Below are products that are a) from other entrepreneurs who have helped me get where I am today (I love sharing the love and supporting other entrepreneurs), or b) they're products that I use in my own business which helps me stay more organized and productive.

Some of these links may contain affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission, at no cost to you, when you make a qualifying purchase. The earnings from these links help support this website and its content. Thank you so much for your support!

Organizing & Productivity Resources

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The digital daily planner that helps you feel calm and stay focused. Get 1 month free!

The Canva Clubhouse

Learn everything there is to know about Canva from Pam Allen


A space where you can think, write, and plan – an awesome productivity app. Try the free account now!

Blogging & Online Biz Resources

Blogging Foundations

Build a solid foundation for your blog for free from Sadie Smiley

PIPs Lite

Take your bog to the next level with Sadie Smiley

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SEO Toolkit for Bloggers