Promotional graphic for 'Passive Income Pathways' featuring Sadie Smiley. The left side shows the course's logo with a paper airplane, and the right side has a smiling Sadie in a black top with lace-up details

Passive Income Pathways (PIPs) Review: 7 Reasons Why I Love It!

If you're an online business owner, there is a good chance you use blogging as part of your business model. This is a review of Passive Income Pathways (aka PIPs), which teaches women to blog and earn passive income.

I've always been interested in blogging as a way to earn money passively, but I had never pursued it until I came across Sadie Smiley with Passive Income Pathways (PIPs). She teaches women how to blog with the ultimate goal of reaching 6-figures.

Instantly I was drawn to her no-bull-shit method of teaching and the fact that she doesn't gate-keep information. I scoured her site and took all her free courses (she used to hide codes in her blog posts that would get your free training – it was like a game!). Once I was done that I jumped into LITE and shortly after that, moved into VIP!

Let me take you through why I love PIPs and what it has done for my business

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What is Passive Income Pathways (PIPs)?

Passive Income Pathways (PIPs) is a website and membership teaching women how to earn up to six figures blogging. It was founded by Sadie Smiley, who has been blogging for over 15 years. Her specialty is passive income, as the name suggests, but she also shows you how to earn active income while you set up and grow your blog. Why would she include active income? Because blogging takes time to pay off.

Famous Sadie quote:

The work you do today will pay your bills next year.

Sadie Smiley, Passive Income Pathways

She is upfront and honest right from the start. If you're looking for a ‘get rich quick gimmick', you're barking up the wrong membership. Let me say that again: This is not a get rich quick scheme!

While some people start making money sooner, she notes that it takes about a year of solid, consistent, work for blogging to pay off financially. Like anything in life worth having, you have to put in the work, period.

I've seen this question asked before, has Sadie ever made 6-figures from blogging? The answer is yes. She has sold multiple blogs for 6 figures in her blogging career, so she's not just talking the talk, she's walking the walk!

What is Included In Passive Income Pathways?

Sadie has set up her business strategically to appeal to all levels of bloggers from people who know nothing about blogging, to those who have been doing it for a while but need to reset and get on the right path. There's the

  • Free Facebook Group, Passive Income Pathways: Money Making Ideas + Blogging Tips, that has, at the time of this post, over 21,000 members. This group is a treasure trove of information and women, like you (and me), looking for blogging information.
  • Signature blogging course, 6 Figure Blogging Foundations, which is also free (it's going to blow your mind what is all in this course for free!), and then
  • PIPs LITE membership and
  • PIPs VIP membership
Header image for the 'Passive Income Pathways' Facebook group. It features the group's turquoise banner with the text 'MAKE Passive INCOME WITHOUT THE SPAM' and a photo of Sadie Smiley with a companion, both smiling, in a circular frame on the right, set against a seascape background
Screenshot of Passive Income Pathways free Facebook Group

6 Figure Blogging Foundations

This is the first step in the Passive Income Pathways….well, path. 6-Figure Blogging Foundations is the course and it is the foundation of everything you need to know to set up a blog. By the time you've completed this course, you're blogging!

This freebie is packed with 46 lessons from choosing your heart niche, setting up your domain and hosting, setting up WordPress (.org not .com), configuring and customizing your WordPress site, creating all your required pages, learning how to create and publish posts, adding images, SEO, website management, branding, logos, creating Pinterest pins, and more.

Did I mention this was free? Crazy right?! Keep this in mind as you continue reading – if Sadie is giving away this type of value for free, imagine what you get when you join her paid memberships!

PIPs LITE Membership

After you graduate from Blogging Foundations and you're hooked on the Sadie method of blogging, the next logical step is her PIPs LITE Membership. This is $27/month (or $197/year). This is a DIY blogging membership, you have all the courses you need to be successful in making money blogging.

Collage of digital resources for PIPs LITE Membership, including worksheets on blogging foundations, affiliate marketing, and audience engagement, centered around a tablet displaying 'PIPs LITE MEMBERSHIP' logo. To the right, text introduces the membership as tailored for beginners with support to build a profitable blog, accompanied by a call-to-action button, 'YES, I WANT IT! LET'S GO!
Screenshot from Passive Income Pathways LITE
  • The 6-Figure Blogging Foundations course (it was free, but I'm adding it here as you'll still have access and honestly, it alone is worth the $27/month.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Sadie has her own, non-spammy, way of teaching affiliate marketing which is like a breath of fresh air in the online world of “I'll give a bad review just to promote a shitty alternative because I get a huge affiliate commission” bro-dude type mentality.

    A bro-dude mentality is an online business owner that is loud, uses scare tactics (this course will never be offered again), guilt (if you don't want your clients to have the best whatever, then you won't buy this course), supports any crappy product as long as the affiliate payout is high (hello Bluehost promoters), and in general just feel like old school sleazy car salespeople. No one likes the feeling that a bro-dude leaves in their wake.

    Sadie will ban you from her group and membership if you pull bro-dude shit. This is one of many reasons I love Sadie as a business coach.

    In her affiliate marketing course, she notes that only products that you would sell to your grandma (the Grandma Test) should be something you advertise.
  • AI Blogging Bundle – learn to blog with AI. This doesn't mean let AI write it and you just post. This is using AI to help with ideas and outlines and then putting your human touch and voice to it.
  • The PIPs Path – this is your journey to 6-figures! It's a step-by-step path to start making money!
  • The $1K Challenge – to help you with some quick active income ($1K in 10 days) to help free up some time and resources to let you continue with your blogging aspirations.
  • Create & Grow Your Facebook Group – Use Facebook to attract your niche audience in a friendly community atmosphere. Sadie's group has over 21,000 members and growing quickly.
  • Monthly Coaching Call – Right now the LITE members are invited to one call each month for VIPS. These calls are gold. There is a topic of interest for the call – always related to how to grow your blog. This is also where you get your chance to ask questions and Sadie answers.
  • Resource Vault – with templates, mockups, additional training, time audits, and so much more.

And it sounds like she might be adding even MORE courses! Insane value for $27/month!

PIPs VIP Membership

This is where the magic happens. VIP is for those few dedicated people who really want to take their blogging to the next level in terms of accountability and receive some serious coaching. I should also note that PIPs VIP is not always open for new members. It's only open about 3-4 times a year to new members. The PIPs VIP Membership is $97/month but she sometimes holds a $997 per year (you have to catch it, it's not always available).

Graphic for PIPs VIP Mastermind introduction, displaying a laptop with a community chat on screen, and various documents with titles like 'BUILD YOUR DIGITAL ETSY EMPIRE' and 'Fountain of Ideas.' Text to the right emphasizes the mastermind as a unique, intensive group experience with guidance for building a six-figure business, accompanied by a button saying 'I'M READY! LET'S DO IT!
Screenshot from Passive Income Pathways VIP
  • PIPs VIP Only Facebook Group that has 24/7 support – just ask and someone will answer.
  • Weekly VIP-only calls – minus the one per month that LITE members are invited to.
  • The type of mental support that only a tight-knit community can offer.
  • VIP-only challenges – If you ever hear a VIP member talk about Hell Weekend, it was mind-blowing but so rewarding! This was one of those VIP-only challenges.
  • Homework tailored to your business. I was recently given about a year's worth of homework, so see you all in 12 months haha!
  • A 24/7 co-working room where you can go any time of day (or night) and there is usually someone working. Blogging can be a lonely endeavour if you're the only one of your family and friends doing it and they don't understand it all. Being able to connect with other bloggers is so important for the mind.
  • Regular office hours where you can get help from Sadie and her team.
  • VIP Backlink Directory – this is a great way to develop high-quality backlinks. It's a spreadsheet that has every post that a VIP has written and when you're writing your posts, you can look for posts to link to organically. This list is sheer gold!
  • All PIPS training (freebies and LITE membership).
  • Additional templates and mockups, including a VIP Resource Vault (this is the replay of weekly calls).

Why I love Passive Income Pathways (PIPs)

If you haven't already figured it out, I love Passive Income Pathways. While it's the only membership for blogging I've been a part of, I am perfectly happy right where I am! I have also heard some horror stories of other blogging coaches. Not PIPs, I think it's the best! So here is my official Passive Income Pathways (PIPs) review and the 7 reasons I love it!

1. The Way It Is Organized

I thrive on organization as you can tell, I mean my whole business is based on organization and time management. So the last thing that I would want is to be a part of a membership that causes me to fumble around, constantly look for things, waste my time, and basically make me unproductive.

Sadie has ADHD and is neurodivergent, and while I am neither (that I'm aware of, sometimes I question it), I really appreciate that she has short training videos. What I mean by this is her videos are 5-15 minutes long maximum, which is awesome, because I rarely have the time or energy to sit down for a 60-minute video on anything. Hell, I can barely sit down to watch a 30-minute sitcom!

Promotional graphic for 'Passive Income Pathways' featuring Sadie Smiley. The left side shows the course's logo with a paper airplane, and the right side has a smiling Sadie in a black top with lace-up details

These short training lessons also help when you're trying to create your own documents (Standard operating procedures SOPs) at the same time that you are learning. I mean her videos basically are your SOPs, you would just need to update them with your personal niche and heart audience.

My favourite is the 10K Roadmap! This is the path that you follow to get your blog to 6-figures. It has everything that I need to do to reach $10K in a month. That's the goal of this roadmap and it is so simply set out and organized that you just follow it. For an organized person like myself, this just speaks my language!

2. The Accountability

There is accountability built into the VIP membership. This is what gets you through those days when you just don't want to write blog posts, create content, or work on your business. And there will be days you feel that way. I'm sure you feel that way now sometimes. It's human nature and motivation only carries you so far.

Accountability comes in the form of weekly coaching calls, submission forms to complete as we reach milestones in the PIPs Path, accountability threads within the VIP Facebook Group, prizes and special coaching calls for those who have done what it takes to move the needle of their business.

Everyday I write down what I accomplished in my business. This is called your Accountability Post. It is amazing to go back and read all the things I accomplished. You don't think about how all the small steps really add up, but they do.

3. The Camaraderie – Collaboration over Competition

Have you ever worked with a group of people who are in a similar business, they would technically be called your competition, but yet you advertise and support them? In PIPs we do, and it works. You have two travel bloggers getting together to host a challenge – and it works!

For myself, other VIPs have similar niches of business organization and productivity, and I've linked to them in several of my posts. Why would I link to them? They have answered something so well, and I am confident that they know their business, that wouldn't I link to them? It's no different than linking to a high domain authority site.

4. The Weekly Calls

I live for the weekly coaching calls and am disappointed if I can't make one for some reason. These are my weekly reset, my motivation booster, my “have a few laughs” with a group of great entrepreneurs who are working their assess off to create an online business.

These calls always have a discussion topic, one that someone or several people have requested, and then it's followed by a question-and-answer period. The calls are scheduled for an hour, but as long as people are actively participating (never a worry) and still have questions, the calls will go as long as needed.

Graphic for 'VIP Replay Vault' with a bold turquoise title banner. Below, there's a welcoming text 'Welcome to the VIP Replay Vault!' and a thumbnail of Sadie Smiley with a badge indicating 'In Library
Screenshot of the VIP Replay Vault – this is where all the weekly call replays are kept

5. The Access to Help Anytime

There are so many ways to get help that anyone who may say otherwise, was never an actual participating member of the community. There are:

  • The VIP Facebook Group – ask a question and it'll be answered. I've got a whole point about this below.
  • Subtrio Facebook Group – Sadie hosts her membership on a platform called Subtrio which is a through Go High Level. We have a Subtrio Facebook Group just for those techy questions.
  • Email Support – You can email Sadie directly if you have a question that you want to keep private or have only her answer. It's always encouraged that, if you're comfortable, to ask your questions in the VIP Facebook Group so others may learn as well.
  • Weekly Calls – I noted earlier that there is a question-and-answer period.
  • Co-working Room – a spot where you can go to just work. We run a Pomodoro type of system where we do 60 minutes of work and 10-minute breaks. During those 10 minutes, you can ask questions and anyone in the room can answer.

Because we are a group of people from all over the world, there is almost always someone working in the co-working room so you can connect with someone just about 24/7. Now obviously Sadie isn't working 24/7, but with all the avenues I've noted above, getting help doesn't take days. There's no “closed for the weekend” sign that goes up Friday at 5:00.

6. The Facebook Mastermind Group

The magic really happens here. This group is full of so much good information, light-hearted teasing, celebrations, questions, answers, etc. This is the central hub for PIPs VIP.

A great example of the magnitude of this group is, that one of the steps in the path is to share your first 4 blog posts for feedback to make sure that you're following the 6 Figure Blogging Foundations for writing blog posts. It's not just Sadie who reviews these blog posts, other VIPs who have been around a while will get in there and review them too.

Image of a beach with the words: APRIL FOCUS: MOVING THE NEEDLE IN YOUR BUSINESS USE THE $10K ROADMAP & 24/7 COWORKING ROOM. There is a green banner at the bottom with the words: Group by Sadie Smiley
Screenshot of PIPS VIP Facebook Group banner image

Now, you might be asking why, but what better way to learn? If I review a blog post and I think I see something that doesn't appear right and leave it as a comment, others will agree, or someone will correct you, and Sadie reviews all comments so errors will be caught and discussed. This is a group learning experience and it happens over and over and these posts are there for newbies to review. It's scary as hell at that moment to have people reviewing your writing, but it's also truly amazing.

This group is also where you get to know your fellow VIP members, make connections, and figure out who you can organically promote because they relate to your niche. It's kind of our central hub and so most of our information flows through this group.

7. Sadie Smiley, the Coaches, & the Staff

Sadie is the main coach obviously, and she is amazing! She's a no-bull-shit kind of coach. She can appreciate that everyone has their family and full job (if applicable) commitments, but she's also of the mindset that if you want to be successful, you need to carve out time (hence she created the time audit) and do the work.

I like this approach. She's very clear that if you want something badly enough, you'll do whatever is necessary to get it. I can resonate with this. I can not resonate with someone who would allow me or others to make excuses and then 6 months down the road I can't figure out why my business has gotten nowhere.

Sadie is also the type of person who cares so much that she will not miss a coaching call no matter what! She literally did a coaching call from a hospital bed once. That's crazy to me, but I can't fault her dedication to us! She goes live at random times just to see if we need anything, she'll send out quick messages that she's in the co-working room if anyone has any questions.

Banner introducing the PIPs team, featuring three members. From left to right: Pam Allen, Kevin Smiley, Sadie Smiley
Pictures of the three PIPs Coaches from left to right: Pam Allen, Kevin Smiley, Sadie Smiley

Two other coaches contribute to the success of PIPS. One is Pam Allen from Pam Allen Online. She is a Canva Canvassador who teaches you all there is to know about Canva in her membership The Canva Clubhouse Membership. Pam is one of the sweetest women you will ever meet. She's so inspiring and pumps everyone up, and she's always so helpful to anyone with questions. As you can tell, I adore Pam.

The third PIPs coach is Kevin Smiley, Sadie's husband. He's a motivational coach (Certified Life Coach) in PIPs, and a fellow blogger. Kevin is one of those people you are drawn to because he has this calm, confident, and wise way of looking at situations. After I've attended a Motivation call with Kevin, I always feel distressed, focused on what's important in my life, and generally just happier.

The strength that each coach brings to PIPs is part of what makes this community so amazing!

What Passive Income Pathways Has Done For Me

So you might be wondering, how has PIPs affected my online business. What has it done for me? The answer is quite simple. It's done everything. I literally wouldn't have an online business today if it wasn't for Sadie and Passive Income Pathways.

Everything I know about blogging is from PIPs. Everything I know about email marketing I learned through PIPs and another VIP who teaches email marketing. Canva? PIPs and Pam Allen. Website development and maintenance? PIPs and another VIP who teaches about WordPress and websites. Do you see the common theme here?

You can take a look around my website, read my posts, click the Pinterest pins, view the images, and sign up for my courses and freebies all of that I have learned from PIPs.

I know how to organize digital files and folders, create SOPs and workflow documents, and how to be more productive with my time. Sadie taught me how to take all that knowledge and turn it into an online business so that I can help you be more organized in your business.

So am I at 6-figures yet? No, but in 6 short months of doing this business very part-time, I have all the blog foundations set up and it is growing and I am making money!

I have nearly completed all the training videos and I'm working on my low-ticket membership that will roll out in a few short months. Once that is up and running, I have no doubt that I'll reach 6 figures! I'll come back and update this section regularily.

So, Is PIPs For You?

TL;DR: If you're a serious blogger, then yes. The worst that can happen is that you learn the proper way to set up your blog to make money and connect with an amazing group of coaches and fellow bloggers, and make some money!

Creator and CEO of Organize Your Online Biz, Lindsay Trca

Hi, I'm Lindsay!

A blogger dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs in the online business world. With over 15 years of experience in process documentation and SOP creation, I specialize in streamlining workflows, organizing workspaces, and optimizing digital tools for maximum efficiency. Join me as we transform your business operations with practical insights and budget-friendly solutions.

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