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Organize your Email Marketing Strategy using SOPs – 13 Elements to Include

In the bustling world of online entrepreneurship, crafting a compelling email marketing strategy is more than just crafting catchy subject lines and designing eye-catching templates; it's about establishing a seamless, repeatable process that resonates with your audience.

The easiest way to ensure you have this set up as a rinse-and-repeat process is Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). An Email Marketing Strategy is one of the 15 must-have SOPs for any online business.

What is an Email Marketing Strategy?

An email marketing strategy is a carefully crafted plan that outlines how a business or individual intends to use email communication to achieve specific goals. It encompasses a series of steps, from audience segmentation and content creation to deployment and analysis, all aimed at building and nurturing relationships with subscribers.

The strategy defines the type of content to be sent, the frequency of emails, and the methods for measuring performance. It also takes into account factors like personalization, design, and mobile optimization to ensure that each email resonates with the audience and contributes to the overall marketing objectives.

Ultimately, an effective email marketing strategy serves as a roadmap for systematically engaging and converting subscribers, leading to enhanced brand loyalty, increased sales, and business growth.

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13 Elements to Organize Your Email Marketing Strategy

There are 13 crucial elements that should be considered when drafting your Email Marketing SOP(s). These help to ensure that every email you send serves a purpose and moves your business forward.

1. Define Your Email Marketing Goals

Defining your email marketing goals is the cornerstone of any successful campaign. Within your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), it's imperative to clearly outline what you intend to achieve through your email campaigns.

Are you aiming to drive sales, nurture leads, increase website traffic, or perhaps strengthen brand loyalty? By weaving this element into your SOPs, you create an overarching goal for each campaign, ensuring that every email serves a purpose aligned with your business objectives.

Don't forget, goals should be SMART! Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

2. Target Audience Segmentation

Within your Email Marketing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), one of the critical pillars is audience segmentation. This process involves dissecting your subscriber base into distinct, highly specific segments.

By doing so, you enable personalized messaging that resonates on a deeper level with each subgroup. The SOP should encompass the methodology for identifying these segments – be it based on demographics, purchase history, behaviour patterns, or other relevant criteria.

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3. Email List Building

In email marketing, your success lies in how many eyes are reading and engaging with your content. You should include strategies for organic email list building in your Email Marketing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

This involves a systematic approach to attract and retain quality subscribers who are genuinely interested in your offerings. The SOP should delineate the methods for capturing leads through website opt-ins, content offerings, and other ethical means.

By embedding these list-building strategies into your SOPs, you create a perpetual engine for expanding your reach and maximizing the impact of your email campaigns.

4. Compliance with Email Marketing Regulations

While best practices can guide your email marketing endeavours, it's the integration of compliance measures within your SOPs that ensures your strategy is one of integrity and accountability. The SOP should define the steps for acquiring and managing consent, as well as detail the processes for handling opt-outs and data requests.

This approach ensures that every email sent aligns with the legal framework governing data privacy and consumer rights. It's important to note that some countries require that you have express consent before sending someone emails. For example, Canada requires express consent.

A person adding their email address into a form and pressing submit is NOT deemed express consent, at least in Canada.

If you are dealing with such a company, how are you getting express consent? Make sure you document the process! Remember also, if they double opt-in, you know they want to hear from you! Your email subscribers should be more engaged because of this.

A person in a blue suit touching a stack of wooden blocks with words 'REGULATIONS', 'RULES - LAW', 'REQUIREMENTS', 'COMPLIANCE' highlighted in yellow, 'STANDARDS', 'TRANSPARENCY', 'POLICIES', symbolizing the building blocks of business compliance and regulation.

5. Knowing Your Email Marketing Platform

There are a few things to consider when choosing a platform. It must align with your specific business needs and budget and other factors such as user-friendliness, automation capabilities, deliverability rates, and scalability.

The SOP is going to include step-by-step details of how to set up your email elements like embedded opt-in forms, thank you pages, email automation, etc. This is the heart of your SOP because it lists the steps in detail.

Choosing a platform doesn't have to be difficult, check out this blog post written by Emilee from Emily Mason Co. that compares two popular ones: Flodesk and MailerLite. I use MailerLite and really like it!

6. Content Planning

The inclusion of content planning within your SOPs helps to transform ideas into impactful campaigns. The SOP should lay out the steps for identifying topics, crafting compelling copy, and aligning content with the needs and interests of your subscribers.

This approach ensures that each email is purposeful and delivers value, whether it's educating, inspiring, or driving action.

7. A/B Testing Strategy

A/B Testing involves a systematic approach to experimentation, where different elements such as subject lines, content variations, and calls-to-action are tested for optimization. The SOP should outline the process of setting up, conducting, and analyzing these tests, ensuring that insights gained are effectively applied to refine future campaigns.

By integrating A/B testing into your SOPs, you're continually seeing what resonates with your audience, ultimately leading to higher open rates, click-throughs, and conversions.

Miniature figure of a person standing at a junction of two diverging paths marked with black lines and colored arrows on a white surface, representing decision-making or choosing a direction. The paths are meant to illustrate AB testing in choosing different paths to determine what works best.

8. Design Consistency

Design consistency will ensure a similar look, voice, and message is always conveyed. The SOP should provide clear instructions for creating email templates and ensure that each communication adheres to established brand guidelines.

This approach also guarantees that every email is visually appealing and easy to navigate and understand. This will help your emails get seen, and genuinely resonate with by your valued subscribers.

9. Mobile Optimization

It is important to include mobile optimization within your SOPs as it signifies a shift towards prioritizing the mobile user experience. Approximately 81% of people open emails using their smartphone so optimizing for small screens is non-negotiable for creating a great email marketing strategy.

The SOP should provide a clear roadmap for designing layouts, fonts, and imagery that adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes. This approach guarantees that your emails retain their impact and readability, no matter how they're accessed.

10. Clear Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

CTA's are an important way of providing a seamless pathway for your subscribers to take the next step. The SOP should list the steps for optimizing CTAs for maximum effectiveness, including A/B testing variations and tracking their performance.

By embedding CTA strategies within your SOPs, you're encouraging a culture of active engagement, where every email is set up for meaningful interactions and conversions.

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11. Automation Workflows

Incorporating automation workflows within your SOPs represents using technology to streamline interactions and deliver targeted content at specified dates and times. The SOP should provide a blueprint for mapping out customer journeys, setting triggers, and designing content flows.

This involves the creation of sequences that engage subscribers at crucial touchpoints, such as onboarding, lead nurturing, and re-engagement. The SOP should note the steps for setting up, monitoring, and optimizing these workflows, ensuring that each interaction is timely, relevant, and personalized.

12. Analytics and Reporting

This involves the setup of tracking mechanisms to monitor and measure the performance of your campaigns. The SOP should list the steps for implementing tracking codes, defining key performance indicators (KPIs), and generating (and reading) comprehensive reports.

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This ensures that your email campaigns aren't just sent out, but are reviewed for effectiveness and continuous improvement is made. Every campaign is a learning opportunity to enhance engagement and drive better results.

For some tips on improving your analytics, take a look at this post that provides 21 Best Tips to Improve Email Click-Through Rate (CTR).

13. Comprehensive Testing

This involves a systematic approach to thoroughly test your emails across various email service providers and devices to guarantee optimal display and functionality. The SOP should outline the steps for setting up test accounts, conducting compatibility tests, and resolving any formatting issues that may arise.

If I can give you any advice, it's “do not skip this step!” You know all those emails that end up in your junk mail? Imagine they are your emails in your subscriber's junk mail. Ouch.

The very first email sequence I set up when I tested it, every single email went to junk. Every. Single. One. It only took 5 minutes to fix the issue and my emails were passing the spam test. Well worth the few minutes!

Illustration of a woman holding a tablet with a stylus, a speech bubble with a checkmark indicating completion, and a bold 'TESTED' stamp, conveying the concept of successfully testing or reviewing a product or service.

Email Marketing Help

Are you looking for some extra help in your email marketing campaigns? I'm sure you've seen me refer to Emilee Mason Co. a few times and that's because she is amazing at email marketing! But please, don't take my word for it, check out her Facebook Group and decide for yourself: Email Marketing Made Easy.

What's Next?

OK, so you've reviewed the 13 elements and you're thinking to yourself “Wow, that is a lot to add!” I know it sounds like a lot, but keep in mind that each section doesn't need to be pages long. In some cases, it's a simple phrase.

For example, your CTA reference could indicate that all emails will have a CTA button unless the email is only to promote a new blog post. Those emails will use an anchor text (clickable text of a link). And that could be it, done. Easy right?

Another option? Some of these elements can be SOPs in themself. For example, the Comprehensive Testing might be a separate SOP. Analytics and Reporting could be a separate SOP. But in general, most of the elements above are not going to be super intensive in terms of documenting so they can likely be combined into a single SOP.

Ready to document your email marketing strategy? Comment below on how it went, I'd love to hear from you.

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