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How to Center Text in Notion: The 2 Best Ways

Centering text in a Notion page is a great way to increase the visual appeal of your Notion pages or Notion dashboard, but unfortunately, it's not as simple as hitting the center align button. Why? Because there isn't one of those buttons in Notion. But don't worry, there are still 2 ways that you can do this.

To center text in Notion, you can use heading blocks or the equation block. This first method involves adding a heading block to your Notion page and positioning your cursor at the beginning of the heading text. Then, you can hit the space bar until the text appears to be in the center. The second method involves using the equation block and a LaTex formula to center your text.

Before we get started, if you're new and need a free Notion account, head on over to the Notion website sign up for the free plan and check out my How to Set Up Notion blog post.

How to Center Text in Notion

There is no center align button in Notion like this is in Google Docs or Microsoft Word, however, there are still 2 ways that you can center text in notion.

Method 1. Center Text Using Headers

Click the “+” Button

Press the “+: button that appears when you hover over a new block location. It shows up to the left of the 6-dot button.

A screenshot of a tutorial with the heading 'How to Center Text in Notion', highlighting an add button and a tip to press 'space' for commands, with a draggable menu box visible, guiding on text alignment in the Notion app
Press the “+” button in Notion

Select a Heading Block

Choose your desired heading block (options are H1, H2, H3, with H1 being your big section heading, H2 being the medium section heading, and H3 being your small section heading).

An instructional image from Notion showing 'How to Center Text in Notion' with an example of text centered using Heading 1, circled for emphasis, alongside other heading options and a 'How?' dialogue box
Choose a header (H1, H2, or H3)

Press the “Space” Button

Type your text or heading, then put the cursor back at the beginning of the text and press the “space” bar until your heading is centered (or at your desired location if you don't want it exactly centered).

Tip: you don't have to type your heading first, but it's easier to center if you've already typed the wording.

A screenshot illustrating a guide on 'How to Center Text in Notion' with a red arrow pointing to the text 'I want to center this heading', and a footnote encouraging readers to explore other blog posts about Notion.
Place the cursor to the left of the text and press the “space bar” until the text is centered in Notion

That's it! Super easy right? You can repeat this process as many times as you'd like for centering text in Notion.

Method 2: Center Text by Adding Block Equations

Click the “+” button

Just like in the first method, you need to press the “+” button to add a new block.

A screenshot demonstrating how to center text in Notion, with a highlighted '+' button indicating where to click, accompanied by instructions to press 'space' for All and '/' for commands, and a tooltip showing 'Drag to move' and 'Click to open menu.
Press the “+” button in Notion

Choose “Block Equation”

Scroll down until you see “Advanced Blocks” and it's a couple of options in – “Block Equation”.

Partial screenshot of a Notion page detailing steps on how to center text, showing a dropdown menu for 'Advanced blocks' with 'Block equation' circled to display a standalone math equation.
Choose “Block Equation”

Type: \text {your text}

To center the text, you must type: \text {Your text}. Regular brackets () don't work, you must use these: {}. Press “Done”.

A guide image from Notion showing a centered text block with the example text 'This is the text I want centred' above a block equation editor with the LaTeX code '\text {This is the text I want centred}' and a 'Done' button to apply the changes
enter this formula; \text {your text}

Adjust the Size of the Text

You can change the size of the text by exchanging the word “text” in the equation for something like “large” or “huge” and put a ~ between each word of your text to be centered.

A tutorial image showing the process of centering text in Notion with an example of centered text reading 'This is the text I want centered' and a block equation editor below with the LaTeX command '\huge {This is the text I want centered}' completed and a 'Done' button
Increase the size of the centered text

You can also change the font using different codes. For example, if you want San Serif, you would type \mathtt {you~text~here}. You can find a list of the different codes for text size and font styles in this Notion blog post.

Change the Background Colour

If you're not a fan of the blue, you can change it to a different background colour. It's a weird process, but it works. First, you must change the block from the “block equation” to a “text” block, then change the background colour, and then change the text back to an “equation block”.

There is one other option for centering text in a Notion database (or Notion table) and doesn't use the same methods as we just discussed above. This method is if you want to center text in a Notion column block (centering text in the column of a table). I am not going to go into this as it's only useful if all of the data in the column that is being centered is the same.

For example, if the heading is “completed” and the answer is ALWAYS “yes”, then you can use this formula. If the answer is sometimes “no”, then you can't use this method. Personally, I fail to see when this would be useful, but if I find a reason, I'll update this post with it.

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That's It!

See that wasn't so bad, right?! Customizing the visual appeal of your content in Notion can be easy and it will make a significant difference in how your content is perceived.

By choosing the right fonts and colours and utilizing headers and subheadings, you can create visually appealing and organized pages that are easy to read and understand.

Now, your homework is to create a new page with centered text and then join the Facebook Group and share your page (don't share anything personal). The Facebook group is a great place to meet fellow Notion lovers and entrepreneurs just trying to organize their businesses and be more productive! See you there!

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