Does Notion Have Reminders? Photo of a metallic alarm clock on a calendar, with a sticky note attached reading 'Schedule your Appointment'. The calendar in the background lists activities such as product creation and writing blog posts, emphasizing organized time management

Does Notion Have Reminders? Get Notified When Items Are Due!

Recently I had a few people contact me to ask: Does Notion have reminders? My answer: it sure does! These reminders can be added to pages and even tables (databases) which is going to help you further keep organized and focused on your priorities. So win-win, right?!

And they're easy to add! There are a couple of ways you can add them, but the easiest is the Keyboard shortcuts “@remind” or “/remind” or “/date“.

Setting Reminders In Notion

For those who are new, Notion is this amazing productivity app that allows you to manage your entire company. It's an online workspace where you can “think, write, and plan” your personal and professional life. I love to use Notion for tracking my tasks and having reminders is a great way to keep me on schedule!

So if you haven't signed up for your Notion account, now is the time to do that before continuing. Notion does have paid accounts, but I find the free account to be perfect. Check out this post on how to set up your account, and some easy customizations like changing the background,

On-Page Reminders

In Notion, setting reminders is a straightforward process. Users can create reminders by using the “@” key, followed by “remind,” and then specifying the date and time for the reminder.

A screenshot of a 'Notion' page titled 'Organize Your Online Biz' with a flower emoji, showing a feature for adding comments and a reminder set for 'Tomorrow 9:00 AM'. This to answer the question, does Notion have reminders? Yes it does!

You can also type “/reminder” or “/date” and it will bring up the same option below.

[2] "Screenshot showing a part of the Notion interface with the page title 'Organize Your Online Biz' and a reminder function being used, with text '@Tomorrow 9:00 AM' indicating a set reminder, and a pop-up command box with '/date' typed in, suggesting the insertion of a date or reminder

Choose the “Date or reminder” and then choose when you want the reminder. Simple right?!

A screenshot depicting the Notion app interface, where a user is organizing their online business. The page shows an option being used to 'Mention a date' with a search bar and a dropdown menu visible, displaying 'Today — April 29, 2024' and 'Remind tomorrow 9am' as selectable reminders

Once you choose between the two options, it will highlight blue like the first one we did and then you can click on it to adjust.

Inline or Database Reminders

Additionally, reminders can be set within databases, providing users with a task list view of items and you can see when they're due, or if they're overdue, like in the screenshot below.

Image of a 'To Do List' in Notion displayed in table format, with tasks including 'Write weekly emails' set with a high priority and a deadline of May 1, 2024, and 'write 2 blog posts' also marked as high priority, with a deadline of April 27, 2024

This type of reminder can be added to any database that has a date property set up (like the one called “Deadline” in the screenshot). You can also include time if you have a specific time that something is due.

An image showing a section of a Notion 'To Do List' with the view options 'Table' and 'Board' at the top. The list includes tasks such as 'Write weekly emails' with a high priority label and a 'General Business' type, due on 'May 1, 2024, 9:00 AM', and 'write 2 blog posts' also with high priority and 'General Business' type, due on 'April 27, 2024

In the “Deadline” column, pick your due date and choose “Remind” and from the pull-down menu, choose your desired option. In the screenshot below I have chosen “At the time of event“, and updated the time to 9:00 AM.

A screenshot displays a calendar view for May 2024 with the date May 1st highlighted, indicating a selected reminder date set for 9:00 AM. Below the calendar, options for reminders include a toggled 'Include time' switch, with 'At time of event' chosen for the reminder setting

Set Notion Reminders on Mobile

This is quite easy, you just need to open the page where you want the reminder and type @ and choose “today”. This will add the default reminder to today. You can then tap on the reminder to open the calendar and change it to your preferred date. You can also turn on the time toggle and set the time.

Easy right? And with Notion's automatic save function, you don't have to worry about whether you saved that reminder before you closed it. How many times have you set an alarm and didn't turn it on? Too many times to count!

Notification System

Notion employs a notification system to alert you about your reminders. When a reminder is set, Notion sends a notification to draw your attention back to the designated task, event, or page at the specified time.

This notification system ensures that you are promptly reminded of your pending tasks, helping you stay organized and productive.

You can manage these notifications within Notion's settings to customize how and when you receive these reminders, providing flexibility based on your preferences. The Settings are found in the Notion menu on the left side of your screen.

Recurring Reminders

Notion can set recurring reminders, which is where the same task will reappear at scheduled times over and over again. A great example of when you might use this could be, scheduling social media content, recurring monthly meetings with clients or coworkers, etc.

A screenshot showing the 'My notifications' settings in Notion. It includes options for 'Mobile push notifications' which is enabled, 'Slack notifications' which is disabled, and several 'Email notifications' options for activity alerts, always-on notifications, email digests, and updates from Notion, with various toggles turned on or off
screenshot of the Notion setting area for “Notifications”

Setting Reminders for Team Members

If you have multiple people on your team, you can set reminders for them. This is done by using the @mention shortcut twice in the same line – one to tag the member and the other to set the reminder.

Write @ activate the pulldown menu that has the list of all your team members, and choose the appropriate person. In the same line type “@remind” and set your reminder for them. This will notify them at the set date and time.

So, Does Notion Have Reminders?

You bet it does and they are easy to add. Type “@remind”, “/date” or “/remind” and quickly choose a reminder time. Easily update it by clicking on the reminder and updating it, including adding a time if you want.

If you are using a database or inline-table, you can set a date property and then set reminders there! A great way to try this is to grab my free Notion Goal Planner and Task Tracker – you can test the reminders in there. Grab it below.

An advertisement for a 'Free Notion Goal Planner & Task Tracker Template', which includes a visual of a tablet displaying the template with sections for SMART goals and task organization. The image also features a prominent 'Free' starburst icon and text that encourages users to easily record and align their tasks with their SMART goals. The 'Made for Notion' badge at the bottom signals compatibility with the Notion ecosystem, against a stylish background with a blend of neutral and green tones.

Achieve your business goals with this Notion Template!

I would love to hear how the reminders are working for you, please join the Facebook Group today and connect with like-minded women trying to organize their business and be more productive!

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